Red Darmont

provost of the village of Hatchet


Casted as a Red, he lazily leads the village of Hatchet alongside his advisor Bronze Sorsoo. Once the proud leader of Hatchet his town has swiftly started to decay and fall into ruin after following the advice of his trusted advisor Bronze Sorsoo on how to deal with the Red’s of Totem and Preacher’s Corner causing trade to die and his village slowly with it.

He is a fat man with little filter on the words that burst out of his mouth. Always seeking opportunity to prosper where he can find it, he gladly takes in any all help he can find to further his prosperity and personal goals no matter the risk to those he recruits for the cause. He appears slow witted and to anyone observant enough it’s quite possible Bronze Sorsoo formulates most plans as Red Darmont takes all the credit.


Red Darmont

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