Broken Rock Minor: a floating skyisle twenty feet off the ground the size of a large house; some seeking the divine come to study it as do mages interested in transmutation, levitation, and flight magic.

Cooper’s Carpentry: empty shop. Hatchet is hurting now that they have lost their barrel maker and carpenter.

Daro’s Forge: the dwarf Indigo Daro creates ironworks here. He can pound out arms and armor too according to some of the older militia members.

Gil’s Gate: Brown Gil is a retired miner who sits outside the dilapidated village gate with his dog Old Gruff, talking to everyone who wanders by.

Hugo’s Haberdashery and Sundries: a halfling run tailor shop with surprising quality in men’s clothes that also functions as a general store; legend has it that Indigo Hugo the halfling is a banished Republic assassin and spy with a very checkered past.

Mama’s: inn of meat of ill repute (rumored to be built over a sunken cavern once used for smuggling).

Red Tower: seat of the provost, Red Darmont.

Rolomon’s Farm: place to buy mules and to order horses.

Theater of the Mind: a natural rocky bowl that traveling Bronze performers used to entertain in, Bronze Sorsoo spends his little free time here remembering lost past glories.


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