In your desolate world in which the gods answer with barely a whisper or not all, the fallen Republic of Amperia left behind two legacies. Ancient ruins stuffed with the tribute of colonies now left to founder and the Color Caste system. Everyone is supposed to have a caste, a role to play, and a color that can be worn to represent their place in society.

The Driven have no color. Many Driven paint their faces with ash before entering a village to indicate that they are gray—without caste. Some Driven do this in shame and others do so out of a fierce, independent pride.

The village of Hatchet sits on the edge of Ezekiel Territory, a worn and dusty extension of a republic that no longer exists. To the west lies untamed territory, including a canyon of hoodoos rumored to hold lost treasure of the Republic and even a handful of skyisles untethered from the earth by ancient power run amok. The Speaker of Hatchet, Red Darmont, does not exploit those opportunities.

Under the ill-given advice of his counselor, Bronze Sorsoo, Darmont has angered the Reds of two neighboring villages, Totem and Preacher’s Corner. As trade dies so too does Hatchet falter.

Even worse, trappers and hunters of the Green warn that the ruins of Jerusalem’s Lot to the north are becoming dangerous. Something has taken up residence there and is slowly reaching out to take those who live or wander too close.

The final calamity is that a plague of undead has broken out in a village to the east. Undead plague is almost always blamed on the Driven (dead calls to undead). If it spreads, any Driven in villages will be in danger from the very people they try to help. The lost village lies just beyond the village of Totem, one of the villages angry with Hatchet. The Red of Totem is rumored to be a druid.

Into the dilapidated and worn village of Hatchet you stride. Shaking off the dust of your journey, you and your fellow Driven have literally reached the end of the road. If you can’t make a life in Hatchet, you have nowhere else to go except out into the wastes. If you save Hatchet, opportunities will open in other villages and perhaps even in the rumored larger settlements out east. Whether you want to rejoin the caste system or proudly stay colorless, your future and your survival are firmly in the hands of you and your fellow Driven.

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